Project Summary

ARMA - discovering medieval reading culture

The ARMA - the Art of Reading in the Middle Ages project saw thousands of medieval objects shared with Europeana and developed resources to help educators bring these digitised items - and their history - into the classroom. Discover what the project achieved and how to use the resources it developed.

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Project partners produced a four-part video series, to share information about the ARMA project and show more sophisticated ways to find the medieval items, editorials and learning scenarios that were created in the course of this project.

The first video introduces the ARMA project, outlines what has been done, and demonstrates where you can find the editorials.

The second shows educators how to browse for medieval manuscripts in Europeana and shares tips and tricks for searching medieval manuscripts in detail.

The third video offers a short introduction to the resources that were made for primary education and shows how they can be used in the classroom.

The fourth and last video provides more information on the educational resources developed for secondary education.

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