MILESTONE 01: Selection and Digitisation Plan

Selection and Digitisation Plan

This is the first milestone published by the consortium of the Action “The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages” (ARMA). The ARMA Action will show how medieval reading culture evolved and became a fundament of European culture and a European movement, using manuscripts and early printed books that were produced between c. 500 and c. 1550. The consortium partners will do so by bringing together digital collections of such medieval artefacts in Europeana and using these and other collections to create additional educational content and context.

This report is the result of Activity 1, Selection of Content. This Activity ran from 1 October 2020 (the start date of the ARMA Action) until the end of January 2021. The report presents a selection plan of the identified content and a digitisation plan. The list per partner will show metadata models used for content description, image quality and educational purposes and will be the basis for evaluating the necessary improvements in data quality according to the Europeana Publishing Framework (EPF). (Action (2019-EU-IA-0032) Grant Agreement, Annex 1, p.10).

Download the full report with annexes (225 p.)

Download the report without the annexes (20 p.)

MILESTONE 04: Selection of Outstanding objects

Every data providing partner identified relevant objects and indicated how they relate to the theme of the Art of Reading in the Middle Ages. These objects will be highlighted in browse discovery points, and will form parts of editorial outputs aimed at delivering a strong user experience.

Download the full report

MILESTONE 06: Publication of the Engagement Plan

Engagement plan is describing how the ARMA consortium will achieve audience development based on the use of collection presentations and datasets, social media, blogs, galleries and a curated online exhibition. The plan also outlines which partners we will be involved and how the material will be incorporated into relevant education platforms.

Download the full report


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