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The National and University Library (NUK) is the Slovenian national library, the central state library and the university library of the University of Ljubljana, the national aggregator of e-content from the field of culture and home of the Digital library of Slovenia.

The National and University Library (NUK) collects, documents, preserves and archives the written cultural and scientific heritage of the Slovenian nation. It provides ready access to knowledge and culture of the past and present Slovenian generations. In collaboration with national and international libraries, it enables access to the world’s written cultural and scientific heritage. In the process of creating new knowledge, it helps its users to search, select, evaluate and use information resources in different formats, forms and languages. Its collections and services support scholarly and scientific work of the Ljubljana University and other higher education institutions. The Library is a centre of knowledge aimed at lifelong education of the Slovenian people, and at raising their cultural and educational level and information literacy skills. Through research, development and educational activities in the field of librarianship, the Library is actively co-shaping Slovenian library system, and makes significant contributions to theoretical and practical knowledge of library and information science.

Hallway of NUK Library.
Building of National and University Library of Slovenia.
Large reading room of NUK Library.


People involved in the action

Ines Vodopivec

Assist Prof Dr Ines Vodopivec, Project Coordinator

She is Deputy Director of National and University Library of Slovenia. In the past she worked as Dean at Faculty of Slovene and International Studies, Nova University and Head of University Library. For seven years she was Research Fellow at the National and University Library of Slovenia; and Main editor at journal Library - Journal of Library and Information Science for five years. She was a Member of the organizational committee of the SEEDI 2012 conference (South-Eastern European Digitization Initiative); President of the organizational committee of the First National Congress for Digitization of Cultural Heritage; and a Member of the organizational committee of the 2013 IIPC General Assembly (International Internet Preservation Consortium). Her main research and scientific interests are: renaissance print, renaissance masters of graphic designs, printed illustrations and book decoration, book culture in the 16th century, and digitization of cultural heritage. She has already published some original scientific articles, book chapters and two scientific monographs on the themes, the last one entitled Vivitur ingenio: renaissance masters in printed editions in Slovenia. For her research work she received the University of Ljubljana Prešeren Award in 2005 and Crystal Plaque at Florence Conference The Magic of the Renaissance in 2018.

Tanja Prevejšek

Tanja Prevejšek

Tanja is involved in ARMA project as a visual designer and some of her main tasks are to ensure the appropriate digital processing of materials, designing visuals and editing the website ARMA. Tanja graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She studied Visual Communications and has 8 years of experience in design field. Her main emphasis is on visual identity graphic design, book design, illustration design and infographic design. She had previously participated in projects where she took care of the brand graphic identity and took care of other areas related to visual design. Through her work, she also gained experience in the field of web editing.

Dr Matjaž Kragelj

Information Technology and Digital Library Division Digital Library Development Department, head National and University Library of Slovenia Slovenia Cultural Heritage. Since 2006 employed at the National and University Library in Ljubljana.

Position: Head of the Information Technology and Digital Library

Work Areas: Development of the Digital Library of Slovenia, the development and management of a national aggregator for Culture, manage problems of long-term preservation of digital resources, the introduction of the recommended ISO standards for long-term preservation of digital resources, the provision of permanent identifiers, capturing and archiving the web for permanent preservation of the cultural heritage, text mining, etc

Matjaž gained his Phd at Organization and Management of Information Systems at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Kranj, University of Maribor.

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