For people who teach in areas related to the manuscripts and the culture of the Middle Ages.

The activities will engage students and educators by bringing together the most relevant collections of manuscripts and objects and allow for interpretation and understanding of medieval reading culture. All activities are created with specific audiences in mind; primary, secondary, and postsecondary pupils and students and their educators.

Primary Education

The engagement activities for Primary education include learning scenarios, video-based resources and interactive games. Also created is a multilingual Online Learning Resource which is translated by the project partners, and a Pilot Online Activity Pack. The Activity Pack will consist of a number of learning scenarios, games and/or video based activities.


Educational activities for Secondary education have broad learning outcomes that can be easily adapted and used by educators, with easy-to-use practical guides for teachers to use collections. Activities use engaging digitised collections and relate to themes of the project that young people can engage in.


The ARMA project created engagement activities specifically for the postsecondary audiences using the digital manuscripts of leading libraries from across Europe, exploring the manuscripts using novel tools such as IIIF viewers. The engagement activities for postsecondary students include the production, publication and promotion of blogs and videos which discuss topics such as the development of Latin script, European history and the development of literacy, accompanied by high-quality digital manuscripts.

The activities can be used as introductory tools to the topic of reading in the Middle Ages for undergraduate courses in different areas of Medieval Studies (e. g. History, German Studies, Dutch Studies, Book and Media Studies) for example providing accessible and contextualized introduction to the topic of reading in the Middle Ages generally. What has been read? How was reading supported by the layout of medieval codices? The latter also focuses on more specialized areas such as manuscript production, medieval bindings, and manuscript culture.

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